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Xpert Healthcare Group, a leading service provider healthcare setting is a one-stop destination for everyone who is looking for a medical coder, medical biller, or medical transcription. Certified by the American Association of Professional Coder, Xpert Healthcare provides the top-notch service required for the easy-functioning of the healthcare industry. Here’s a quick overview of the service we provide:

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Medical Coder

The use of standard codes allows insurance providers to maintain consistency across different service providers.

Medical Biller

Medical coding and billing require professionals to work on-site for a variety of healthcare facilities like hospitals.

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Medical Coder:

Here’s a typical scenario where a medical coder comes in handy- a medical procedure has a code, like QW123. The medical coder reads your medical history and assigns codes to your account based on the procedures and diagnoses done with you. This code tells the hospital the amount they can bill the government, private health fund, or patient for their stay. Medical Coders work in a variety of settings- depending on the size of the facility, type of specialty, type of physician, etc. their workday differs. A medical coder utilizes the set of already available standard codes on the procedural and diagnostic basis that form the industry basis. This includes the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) or the Common Coding System for Healthcare Procedures (HCPCS), for reporting to the health insurance provider of the recipient of the care. The use of standard codes allows insurance providers to maintain consistency across different service providers. Thus, the use of different terminologies or abbreviations in their written claims forms used to justify reimbursement of fees and expenses doesn’t hinder the process.


Medical Biller:

Medical biller starts from where the Medical coder left- he uses the same code and follows up on claims sent to health insurance companies for reimbursement of services rendered by a healthcare provider. Medical coding and billing require professionals to work on-site for a variety of healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, and physicians. Billing and coding are designed to pay the physicians appropriately for their time involved and any expense their practice incurred while performing that service. So, everything coders and billers do is just so they can get paid and some government agencies run data analysis on those codes to watch for trends. Medicare has a fee schedule that tells us exactly how much they'll pay for any given service. For commercial insurances, the fee schedule varies based on the contract with the physician's office.











Medical transcriptionists:

Now, the medical jargon and procedures dictated by the physicians are handled by Medical transcriptionists. They transcribe the voice recordings of physicians and other healthcare workers into written reports. They create, edit, and review medical documents created using speech recognition technology. Transcriptionists decode abbreviations and medical terminology while preparing documents for patients’ medical histories.


Training and Certification for AAPC:

We specialize in giving training and certification in AAPC (American Association of Professional Coder) for the professions of medical coding, medical billing, medical auditing, medical documentation medical compliance, and the sub-fields of the medical industry.


Pushpraj Yadav

A wonderful experience and recommend to have classes from here for your future betterment. The trainer is highly qualified and makes you understand complex things in a simple with team interaction and lot of support extended from his side.

Ravjot Kaur

My experienced was very good. Sir is also very cooperative with their students.

Sumit Kumar

I'm very happy to join with Xpert Healthcare Group.
Jitendra sir motivates and help us to understand everything.Thanku Sir

Akhil Chauhan

I shared my 4 months golden time in Xpert Healthcare Group. I completed my CPC certification from Xpert Healthcare Group with 82%. Thanks Jitender Sir, right now i am working in R-one. Thanks

Mamta Maurya

I visit many institute but i found that it's better ,teacher is supported in case ,continuous classes, here we can got job as well without any pay for job because some of institute take job chargers .education system is very good.i found all the things related to medical coding and for billing that is best. Thank you Jitender Sir......

Harish kacodia

Very good experience, with Our Sir, Mr. Jitender is very kind, humble and cooperative towards study and i am very happy with the way of teaching by Jitender Sir

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